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Matera Collection

Matera Collection was created to guarantee to travelers living an experience in independent, unique and distictive hotels in Matera and surroundings. Ancient palaces, spa hotels, masseria, temporary homes, comfortable caves, hotels with private berths make Matera Collection the only Italian hotel soft brand able to satisfy any traveler need: relaxing vacations, gourmet weekends, romantic experiences and exclusive locations for special events. Matera Collection includes seven properties with a total of 92 rooms and Slow Italy Tours, local tour operator able to provide a customized offer of holiday experience such as bike tours, cooking class, shopping tours and many other unique experiences.

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Corte San Pietro

Temporary home in comfortable caves and rooms
Matera, old city / 10 rooms / Unusual and unique rooms to sleep

Masseria Fontana di Vite

The perfect destination to relax in the countryside
Matera, northern suburbs / 14 rooms / Nature and Countryside

Palazzo del Duca

Luxury, history and tradition
Matera, old city / 9 rooms / Luxurious rooms equipped with every comfort

Palazzo Gattini

Places of story, moments of comfort
Matera, old city / 20 rooms / Noble building with SPA and restaurant

Palazzo Viceconte

The privilege of pause in a charming and calm atmosphere of old times
Matera, old city / 14 rooms / Noble building for special events

Quarry Resort

The wellness in the heart of the culture
Matera, old city / 13 rooms / Noble building with Private Wellness and Lounge Bar with terrace

Ferula Viaggi

Active and local experiences
Basilicata and Puglia / Slow Italy Tours